New Tapei City, Taiwan – (August 16th, 2017) Intrique, Inc. a one-stop solution service provider (ODM) manufacturer of bike accessories and cycling IT/LED modules will be introducing its full line of innovative products during EUROBIKE.


Intrique products differentiate themselves from other bike companies by positioning its new Walco product line with three outstanding product collections of accessories and safety products.  The focus of the products is on unique designs, colors, cross functionality and a market-driven approach to new generations of cyclists.


The accessories include the Modern Collection a favorite with bikers who favor products for rugged outdoor cycling with lines of durable outdoor products and the Urban Collection, fashionable, designer inspired accessories to meet trendy city lifestyles.


The Visibility Collection of accessories was designed to fulfill the need to satisfy the safety laws of many countries. The latest research shows that 33 percent to 40 percent of bike riders worldwide ride in the dark without safety equipment. The Visibility Collection includes new and innovative items such as an LED, glow in the dark light fender.


 “Intrique is a collaboration of great design minds and cyclists who have converged to bring the cycling industry the most innovative, safety conscious and trend-setting products available,” said Erika Jean, managing director of Intrique, Inc. “Though we are a new company, we are already being widely recognized for our designs. We have been pleased with the response.”


The accessories and products in the Walco Design collections are designed to fit every brand and style of bicycle, including the new “Fixie” styles of fixed gear cycles along with contemporary and retro designs. The company is currently seeking distributors for the EU and U.S. markets.



About Intrique, Inc. and Walco


Based in New Tapei City, Taiwan, Intrique, Inc. and its Walco Design division are focused on creating designs for cycling that combine function and beauty for all life’s nice adventures.


The company has a vision that life should be lived with taste, elegance, passion and fun.  As marketing and design experts, the company’s efforts are focused on the single vision of introducing functional and aesthetically pleasing products to the public that are unique and appealing. Intrique, Inc. wants each one product designs to signal the start of a new adventure, and yet an adventure where safety is always of utmost importance.




Please visit us at www.walcodesign.com,

August 17th, 2017



City Chic Series


The Walco Urban Collection of cycling accessories consists of three distinctive design series: City Chic, Multiple and Amore. The Urban Collection is about style; a fashion statement as well as an everyday working collection. The Urban Collection reflects the best the city has to offer.



Materials: Nylon 1680D + PVC leather
Collection: 6 pieces including backpack, messenger, cell holder, Pannier, small Pannier, Saddle bag

Color: Grey/ Orange




Visibility & Others

Cycling has become much more than recreation. It is a serious means of transportation. In every city in the world, bikes have become an important way to get to and from work. Unfortunately, we all know cycling can be a challenge on busy city streets or during the dark. Safety must be our highest priority. Our design team were cyclists, before they were designers. They understand bike safety, and that’s why we created the Walco Visibility Collection. The Walco Visibility Collection includes reflective clothing, reflective clips and tape; LED saddles our brand new LED Glitter Light Fender.


Walco LED Glitter Light Fender

Walco Whale LED Saddle Bag


Materials: PC (Body)
Length: 500mm
Weight: 210.8g

Seat Post Clamp: 25.4 / 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6mm


Battery: Dry Cell AAA 1.5V*2

Electric Storage: Steady- 100hr, Flash- 120hr


Material:         1680D Nylon, Jacquard

Size:                20x9.8x7 cm

Weight:   120g

Color:             Black & Orange