New Tapei City, Taiwan –(March 05, 2014) More individuals die or are injured when riding a bicycle at night or in low visibility conditions without proper safety lights. WalcoDesign.com has created a sturdy, easy-to-mount rear mud bike fender that hublotchannel.com uses LED technology for its unique light beam design that serves as a warning signal. The entire whole arch fender lights up, rather than just using one single LED beam. The cyclist has the choice of two LED warning signals that are displayed with a red-colored light—continuous or glitter glow

Named as the Walco Luminous LED Fender, this life-saving product quickly and easily attaches to various brands and styles of bicycles. The angle of the fender can be adjusted to suit each rider. Compliant with legal regulations worldwide for bicycle lights, the Luminous LED Fender turns on automatically at dusk and replica watches off at dawn. The energy-saving LED design allows the lighted fender to last for 100 hours in continuous mode, and longer than 120 hours when set to glitter mode. Two AAA batteries power the fender light, which means it accepts standard and rechargeable batteries. And most importantly, what separates this fender light from others is that not only does the arch light up, but the entire fender is illuminated from both the top, left, and right sides. The brightness from the continuous or glitter LED lights is brightly visible, either close-up or from a distance. The brightly lit fender is designed to keep the rider safe by allowing the LED warning lights to alert anyone on the roadway that a cyclist is present.

The fender is labeled as shockproof, freeze-proof, and water resistant. With the glitter glow feature, the first of its replica omega watches sale kind offered on a bicycle fender, nocturnal cyclists are guaranteed that the glow of the LED light increases the rider’s identification. According to the German Cyclists’ Federation ADFC, they conducted a case study of the bicycle accidents that occurred at dusk and during nighttime and inclement weather conditions in Europe. They learned that 40 percent of cyclists who rode in the dark were not using identification lights of any kind, and some riders who had lights didn’t use them because the lights were defective. It was also learned that more riders were killed at night and especially when they were out of town, influenced by alcohol, challenged with impaired night vision, and traveling at high speeds with no regard to on-road vehicles. Longines Replica Uhren

Visit the company’s website, http://www.walcodesign.com for full specifications, photos, and features.

WalcoLuminous LED Fender

Believing safety is the priority for riding at night and bad weathers, the Walco Luminous LED Fender adopts innovative design that improves traditional fender functions. Using LED technology, this Light Fender has turned traditional mud fender into cyclists’ warning signs of high visibility. WalcoLuminous LED Fenderserves dual functions to ensure the safety of nightriders and as an elegant arched light to allow visibility in the dark. 

Specification: cheap swiss replica watches

Materials: PC (Body), Length: 500mm , Weight: 210.8g

Seat Post Clamp: 25.4 / 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6mm


Battery: Dry Cell AAA 1.5V*2

Electric Storage: Steady- 100hr, Flash- 120hr


1.    The unique light beam design of the Walco Luminous LED Fender serves as a warning signal and glows to increase identification at night.

2.    Two different LED-warning signals: continuous/ glitter

3.    Angle of the Walco Luminous LED Fender may be adjusted to fit different bicycles. 


4. Energy saving LED design last for 100 hours and more than 120 hours in glittermode.

5. Charged with standard AAA battery ×2, may also use rechargeable batteries.

6. Automatic turn on design to ensure rider’s safety in the dark.

7. Shockproof, freeze-proof, water repellent.

 ** Easy installation in 2 steps: A. Installation of main housing B. Adjust desired angle swiss replica watches