-More Hsieh-
Since 1991, More has been working as professional designer,
specializing not only at all kinds 2D designs, but also at internet branding, and brand rejuvenation consulting.

More always goes for the extra mile when it comes to design, as his name indicates. He can travel to different places in short period of time just to make things perfect, whether it's for work, for photography, or for his passionate cycling activities. His first collection with Walco thoroughly reflect this spirit.

The 2012 Walco Collection by More are the MOVePAK series. MOVePAK Ultimate, professional convertible camera bag, enable cyclist to carry his/her camera bag on shoulder or hold it on bicycle handlebar. Other products like MOVePAK Professional/EVIL/sDC, and Hydration Bag-Lady Bug, all features the same design concepts and delightful black-orange looks.
Vincent, cyclist, photographer and cat lover, designs every items by heart.

Vincent specializes in pet supplies, sports bags, lamps, furniture, and furnishing designs, parallel to his various personal habits.

In addition to designs, he is also work as a brand consultant to provide concepts, drafts, drawings, modeling, producing, packaging, channeling and marketing.

In 2012, Vincent launched O-Bag, Biker's convertible camera bag, and Bike Traveler, Eva bike carrier with Walco. The products meet the needs of enthusiastic cyclists who like to travel with his/her own bike around the world.
-Vincent Chen-
Established in 2010, POPPOF is a dynamic BOUTIQUE DESIGN CONSULTANT AGENCY that offers world-class design with wide range of services and variety of projects.
We provide innovative and practical solutions with cutting-edge appearance design that complies with the design requirements.

We offer our clients, avant-garde DESIGN SERVICES in different areas:
 Consumer PRODUCT/ electronics.
 Commercial SPACE/ furniture.
 Advertising/ PACKAGING solution.
 Visual identity/ BRANDING programs.

In year 2014, POPPOF is scheduled to launch its own brand products in various industries which are inspired by the curiosity of the new and problem solving of the old.